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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ishq Vs Love Failure

“Love” “Ishq”…”Kaadal”,  Whatever the language is,  it’s an eternal feeling that bonds two hearts…and Moreover it is evergreen success mantra that drives the movies…Though Tollywood has not really celebrated this valentine’s day, the movies that released the following weeks are driving the audience crazy. Yes I am referring to two fresh love tales….”Love Failure” and “Ishq” that are having smooth ride during this dull season of February!! Here’s some insight into those 2 flicks put together!!

Let’s start with the plots, What else can be the plots of these flicks…Obviously the boy meets girl and both fight and become friends and then fall in love…And there’s some conflict or clash…and you even  know what happens at the end…they both unite again whatever happens in between…and these both follow the same pattern..But..

Howz love made lovable in Ishq and Love Failure!!
Love Failure has Arun (Siddardh) and Parvathi (Amala Paul) as college students who fall in love…and there are ego clashes that fall their way. Love Failure thoroughly digs at the ideology “Men are from Mars...And Women are from Venus”. What the girls expect and where the Boys fail!! The debutant director Balaji Mohan plugs in various subplots involving the friends and lead pair’s Parents and their own love stories…each of a kind and thus telling a tale!! He does not follow the beaten path of sequences of song and fight, but yet glues the audience with the new style of storytelling indulging day to day events.

And then Ishq has Rahul (Nithin) and Priya (Nithya Menon), both of them board the flight from Delhi to Hyderabad which gets diverted to Goa because of bad weather, thus giving them enough space for love to blossom. But then there’s a twist in form of Priya’s brother Shiva (Ajay). Director Vikram Kumar who debuted with horror flick 13B (starring Madhavan) tells this cute love story with minor twist in a very interesting way. Beautiful locales of Goa ably uplift the first half while the conflict in form of Ajay drives the second smoothly.

Sparkling Chemistry of Lead Pairs….
The chemistry and physics between the lead pair forms the basic math of any Love flick and it’s the freshness of the lead pair that does half the job many times.
In Ishq, the pair of Nithin and Nithya menon is not just fresh but their stunning on-screen chemistry lightens the screen with 1000 volts. While Nithin stays ground and focuses well this time, Nithya’s cute face has got many hearts broke and she completely wins over us after “Alaa Modalaindi”. Ajay yet again has got meaty chunk. Sindu Tolani, Rohini are good in their roles. Nageenidu looks different in police dress. Ali shines in the cameo.

Love failure has Siddardh and Amala Paul to do the similar magic. Here in addition to the looks the ease of act by the couple in crucial scenes makes them click. Siddardh is there everywhere narrating the story and Amala Paul looked very natural and her performance is a surprise to Telugu audience. Suresh and SurekhaVani form other interesting pair of old generation. Other fresh faces chosen add to the flavor. Director Balaji Mohan is also seen in the film (remember the closing shot of the film).

Scintillating Music and Splendid Cinematography…
Love stories remain forever for two more reasons…Music and Cinematography…All the Maniratnam’s romantic flicks still stay fresh in our mind and we should not forget Cinematographer PC Sreeram’s work that elated the Mani’s work.
So the Ishq has same PC Sreeram handling the cinematography. From the first frame till the end, each frame is worth watching on screen and some can stay as photo frames. PC Sreeram highlights the sparkling chemistry of lead pair and beautiful locations in Goa and Darjeeling. He is one big reason to watch this movie on big screen. Anup Rubens and Aravind-Shanker provide the songs. The songs “Lachamma” a club song, “Sootiga Choodaku”…a beautiful marriage song, “Oh Priya Priya” and “Edho Edho undi gunde lotullo” pictured in Goa and “Chinna Daana Neekosam” in Darjeeling are all wonderful on screen. Anup even gives terrific back ground score.

And you can’t believe Love Failure is completely shot with digital camera and Nirav Shah the Cinematographer does fantastic job here. Thaman proves his mettle in melody. “Parvathi ..Parvathi” the title song, “Inthajaare…Inthajaare” that comes when hero-heroine wait to meet each other…”Happy Heart attack” shot in hospital..And “Havva havva havva havvaare” the song that comes towards the climax are all very unbelievably good ones from Thaman and are placed in right situations in the movie…and again background score rocks here too!!

Finally Oxygen for Nithin and Siddardh….
Irony is that both the heroes Nithin and Siddardh are waiting for the success. Siddardh made certain average flicks after Bommarillu, but Love failure made him commercially happy. But For Nithin after 14 consecutive flops, “Ishq” is much awaited break. Things would even work favorable to the directors and heroines too. And I guess audience too could breath some fresh Love air...

Love Failure just targets multiplex audience…And its documentary style might not appeal many. And Ishq slows down a bit with very less characters, when conflict point is revealed.

There are times when we had one good movie once in two months and rarely do we get 2 good movies in a week…Enjoyed both. …Go Watch and Fall and Fail in Love!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Poolarangadu Movie Review

He surprised us as AndalaRamudu…amused us as Maryada Ramanna…And now he is back to entertain us with Poola Rangadu. Sunil the comedian turned hero never considered his heroic roles as accidents but he takes that new promotion to the next level in Poola Rangadu. Poola Rangadu is second directorial venture for Veerabhadram who earlier directed Allari Naresh’s “Aha naa pellanta”. Isha Chawla plays love interest of Sunil.

Plot: Ranga who was a realtor looses all the glory due to the recession. As a last sort of survival, he buys a 30 acre land for cheaper price. But later realizes that land is under litigation between archrivals Kondareddy (Dev Gill) and Laala Goud (Pradeep Rawath). And now Ranga has to play his wits and finally flex his muscles to get back the land and win his (V)Anitha (Isha Chawla).

Sunil rocks as Six-pack Ranga…!!
Sunil already proved that he is capable of showering smiles on our cheeks with his short stints in all the movies he did. Now his superb comedy timing is being utilized fully in Poola Rangadu. Sunil’s comedian image helped him get into the character with lots of ease. He coolly imitates NTR saying “Paanchaali pancha batruka” and Mohanbabu when explains relation between fish and fisherman and the Megastar when he dances for “Dai Dai Mummy”. What not, he leaves no stone unturned on screen to make you laugh. Other big asset that Sunil has is his fabulous dancing skills that got explored in all the songs are comparable with the best dancers we have in Telugu and finally after dragging so much he sheds his shirt to show off his six pack body which he acquires with loads of passion. That’s a complete Sunil for you in Poola Rangadu.

Isha Chawla made her debut Sai Kumar’s son Aadi’s debut movie Prema Kaavali. She is good enough in acting and it’s not her alone but her sparkling chemistry with Sunil makes her complete.
Dev Gill who excelled in Magadheera gets a full length villain role where he scores full. Ali plays friend of Sunil. Pradeep Rawath, Kota, Raghubabu, Pragathi, sudha, Satyam Rajesh etc did their job well.
Telangana Sakuntala appears in cameo.

Almost a laugh riot…
Initial 15 minutes reminds us of Maryada Ramanna where hero goes in to a village to get his ancestral property. But there hero’s role is more passive. But here Sunil is with loads of energy and does not spare a moment where he is in especially during the first half.  Director Veerabhadram efficiently takes forward the story, he prolongs funny chase scenes, builds some funny characters like the one “Bottu Seenu” who works for Dev gill and the funny master-servant scenes between Pradeep Rawath and Raghubabu and a hilarious butler English episode. 

Anup Rubens scores peppy songs which are still enhanced by Sunil’s dance. Sets and costumes should have been better considering the movie has come from good banner. Sridhar Seepana gives dialogues to Poola Rangadu. There are tons of good one-liners especially the NTR’s imitation, Funny English Hindi episode…using movie titles like Zindagi naa milegi “Dubai” ra, Dabangg etc.

Negatives now!!
Movie which runs in full pace suddenly slows down during pre-climax. Sunil becomes passive for a while and there’s so much of drama before he reveals his six-pack and climax seems only extended to show off his six packs. Let me salute to his efforts, but six packs should have been more graceful. If that entire episode was as tight as initial half, audience would have come out of theatre laughing but now we just came out with smiles…J. And seriously should some more budget needs to be allocated for songs to make them appear richer on screen. Cinematography is strictly average.

If you liked Maryada Ramanna…then there’s definitely more in Poola Rangadu and you might love it…Sunil enhanced in multiples in his self-sequel.  For loads of unforced laughs and healthy entertainment Poola Rangadu is safe destination. Not really a never seen plot, but engages you all the way…Big Cheers Sunil…
If you notice...the movies Anadala raamudu and Poola Rangadu, both the titles used by the great ANR once.